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Even a single photograph can inspire
Plaza Create, Setting Out in New Directions

Photographs are one of the enjoyments of living. That's why our company, Plaza Create, was established in the first place. Our first Palette Plaza shop opened in 1986, setting new standards for speedy photo printing. Wanting to let more and more people feel the enjoyment that comes from even a single photograph, we increased our shops until they formed one of Japan's largest networks in the field. During that time the photography market changed tremendously. Digital cameras and the internet now offer opportunities for even more enjoyment through photography, and are changing our lifestyles.

Our business brings people enjoyment, so naturally we intend to keep going strong. This ambition of ours will not change, so we have to change with the times. A printed photograph will always remain important for the owner. And since photo shops will always play a vital role in their local communities, we intend to use our shops to provide services that help customers enjoy the wider world of photography, not just prints. Cellphones often come with a camera installed, which basically means you have a camera close at hand, wherever you are. And now due to the smartphone, you have both a camera and a photo album wherever you are. These innovations have changed the market, and the market presents us with the opportunity to expand our business, thinking creatively and pushing back the boundaries of the photo market. Beyond those boundaries lies the imaging business, and our group of companies has worked hard together, laying the groundwork to achieve new growth in that field. We are launching photo shops that work in partnership with photo services in the Cloud, and promoting mobile shop ventures focused on use of the smartphone. And we are introducing next-generation, ultra-high speed mobile telecommunications services throughout Japan. During 2012, a new Plaza Create will evolve, versatile and strong.

I sincerely hope Plaza Create can count on your support and guidance as we continue to take advantage of business opportunities that begin with photography and then take us and our customers into new areas of photo enjoyment.
Yasuhiro Oshima
Yasuhiro Oshima President