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Photo shooting: Enjoy shooting photos
We hope people of all ages enjoy shooting photos, and that they will experience the joy that comes from a single photo throughout the ages. We are committed to developing various post-shoot solutions, such as printing services at conveniently-located chain shops, as well as online services.
  Palette Plaza and 55Station both have photo service shops throughout Japan and offer various photo services centered on silver halide printing of the highest quality. Palette Plaza and 55Station offer a rich lifestyle through the joy of photos.
  Digipri is a pioneering brand that introduced the world’s first online photo printing service and continues to offer services that enable people to order photo prints, not only via computers but also through mobile phones of all carriers. It has also been chosen as a partner of online portal sites, including Google Picasa.
  We also offer a high-quality, stand-alone print booth called ID Photo BOX. It enables you to print photos easily. If you are interested in installing ID Photo BOX, please feel free to contact us.
Mobile: Enjoy with mobile phones
In recent times, mobile phones have become cameras, and Plaza Create was the first in the world to display photos on handheld phone screens. Shifting from mobile phones to smart phones, we offer mobile services that are central to visual communication.
  Palette Plaza has refreshed and renewed its business with its smart phone stores throughout the country and aims to become the industry’s No. 1 company in smart phone sales. We also run carrier shops in major cities.
Photograph: A Happy Life with Photos
A photograph is a medium of happiness, and photos are always there to capture the happiness in your life. Your precious moments can be captured in a single photo, and our goal to make people’s lives better and happier through photos is expanding.
  A new style of wedding with photographs, Plaza Heart directly runs five wedding halls in the Tokyo metropolitan area that have their own chapels and photo studios. Plaza Heart produces the wedding ceremony of a lifetime to be recorded and remembered.
  Studio palette is an authentic photo studio that offers records of your life with photos, from capturing a child’s growth to family photos, as well as photos for auditions. Using the latest digital technology, we have changed the oldest aspect of the photography business - the photo studio - into a new business that continues to bring happiness.