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Basic business policies
Mid- and long-term business strategies
Issues that need to be addressed

Basic business policies
As the second inauguration of business, the Plaza Create group starts with the spirit of valuing a single photo. It has a basic business philosophy of helping people live spiritually rich lives for the moment and realizing a society that has a better tomorrow through photos and images.
Under the principle of the Customer Creed, Plaza Create will use its cutting-edge digital technology, store network and the Internet to provide not only DPE services but also actively engage in photo and image businesses to offer products and services capable of making people's lives happier and more beautiful to increase our corporate value.

Mid- and long-term business strategies

Considering the changing environment as an opportunity to present our new business vision, the Plaza Create group, which believes that now is its second initiation of business after becoming a leading company in the industry, has positively implemented various measures to carry out a “New Plaza Create Plan.”
Plaza Create is set to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of its foundation this year. With the new keyword “happiness” that displays the spirit of our shop brand, which is the basic philosophy of our corporate activities, we will work hard to provide new products and services capable of making customers feel happy and smile when they come to our outlets.
Starting with the anniversary year, Plaza Create will try to grow for the next 5 years and then the next 10 years, and offer new happiness that can spread from a single photo.
Plaza Create will realize its New Plaza Create Plan with its unique ideas and technology by taking on anew the challenges for the future of photographs.

  1. From DPE services to photo communications business
    • New products evolving from our commitment to printing, provision of services and assistance for lifestyles with photos

  2. From DPE service stores to a new lifestyle culture in towns and information medium
    • Establishment of the largest store network for photo and image services in the country
    • Conversion to a new business as a new lifestyle culture and information medium

  3. Strengthening the bonds between photos, images and users
    • Creation of a new user community centering on photos and images
    • Spreading of photos and images that are closely linked to people's lives
    • Convey the value of photos and images to help people feel empathy with others and realize a spiritually rich society

Plaza Create will do its best to realize the above-mentioned plans, build a company offering general services for photos and images and improve the group's overall capabilities to increase revenues.


Issues that need to be addressed

The photo-related business market surrounding the Plaza Create group is to expand the digital business. To increase demand for printing, we need to boldly take on the challenge of expanding digital photo services.
Meanwhile, with digitalization developing, the group understands that it has to increase its corporate value and stabilize its business foundation by providing services taking into consideration various ways to enjoy photos and offering development of new products, as well as taking on the challenge of expanding its business domain.
To realize the mid- and long-term plans based on such circumstances, Plaza Create considers that the following key issues have to be addressed.

  1. We will make good use of the largest DPE store network in the country to increase demand for printing, and upgrade and improve the quality of our existing services. To expand digital photo services, we will do our best to develop services based on the understanding of our customers' lifestyles and positively try to implement measures to improve the level of customer satisfaction so that we can offer products most suitable and interesting to our customers.

  2. Under the keyword of “digital”, digital technology and especially image data that has become digitalized can be used and processed for various media organizations. We will also try to provide original services to meet the needs of customers that only special photo stores can offer, and establish stores that can provide not only photos but also various other products.

  3. We consider as contents all images taken by customers, images taken at studios, photo-related products, such as postcards, and images users enjoy looking at on liquid crystal displays, such as those on their personal computers and camera-equipped mobile phones.
    Since we consider photos as contents, we do not limit ourselves to providing prints, we also convey our feelings, and offer happiness in the form of products and a lineup of services. We are making the utmost effort to provide services and products to help all our customers make their memories and make customers feel happy through prints.

  4. We will do more than offering services at our stores and developing new products. Considering the Internet as the center of our strategy, we will also try to win orders for printing from the Internet.
    5. We will do our best to win the trust of our shareholders and customers by improving and strengthening our internal control system, as well as ensuring that the group does business lawfully and appropriately.

  5. We will do our best to win the trust of our shareholders and customers by improving and strengthening our internal control system, as well as ensuring that the group does business lawfully and appropriately.